Meet Leela, The Weirdest Pit Bull In The World Who Acts So Strangely Even Vets Can’t Explain It

Meet Leela the pit bull, an adorable pup with a few quirks that we think make her even more adorable.
Jokingly expressing doubts about the functioning of her brain, Leela’s owner, Imgur user xsoup4you presents her precious pooch in a series of cute pics that fully illustrate her eccentric nature. From some of the less-than-normal ways she chooses to arrange herself, it looks like Leela has been taking some yoga classes!
Unfortunately pit bulls often get a bad reputation, perhaps from their history as fighting dogs and perceived aggression. There is a ton of controversy about this however, as controlled studies do not show pit bulls to be disproportionately dangerous when compared to other dog breeds, and pit bull owners really do love them to bits. Like any other dog, pit bulls behave according to the way they are treated and raised, so with lots of love and care, there is certainly no reason to fear them. A pit bull really can be the most loving, loyal, friendly and dedicated dog you can have!
Leela certainly seems to be a sweet one, and damn cool too while she’s at it. Scroll down below to check out her pics for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

“She frequently sits like this like it’s normal”






“Showing off her 60 lbs of muscle. None of her legs are bowed and the vet says she’s perfect, so don’t be mean to her telling her she’s deformed just because she likes to sit like a weirdo. She’s just a practitioner of dog yoga”
“I was being a f**king idiot trying to get a photo of her and she let me know it. Also, someone clipped her right ear, poorly, before she was adopted so now she has periscope ear and a distrust of Mexicans”


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