Dog’s Leash Gets Stuck In Elevator Door, Mom In Horror As Elevator Starts Moving

We have watched enough horror movies to validate our fear of elevator accidents. The woman in this video is 25-year-old Tamara Seibert, a Ryerson University student, who was taking her Rottweiler named Vado to the ground floor when his leash got stuck in the elevator door.


Source: Tamara Brown/Facebook

The elevator camera captures the next horrifying seconds as Vado is hoisted up in the air by the stuck leash and starts strangling. Vado helplessly paws at the elevator door, while Tamara instinctively reaches for his leash.

Tamara frantically keeps clawing at the leash to free Vado. She even tries hitting the emergency buttons for help. Eventually, she manages to rip the leash at his metal collar, and Vado lands flying down to the elevator floor, safe and sound!


Source: Tamara Brown/Facebook


Tamara is visibly shaken as she lets Vado and Tessa, her friend’s Pit Bull, out of the elevator. Tamara ended up with a broken wrist and two broken fingers, but she has no regrets as she would have done anything to save her precious pooch.

Source: Tamara Brown/Facebook


The thought that Vado could have been strangled or butchered kept bothering Tamara. So, she later shared this traumatic experience on Facebook to warn people to ensure the safety of their pets while using elevators. This was a close call. We are so glad a tragedy was averted!