Stray Dog Who Couldn’t Move Was Waiting To Die — But Someone Wouldn’t Let Her

Sometimes when life gets rough, it’s when we’re at our lowest and when all hope is lost, that our biggest hero steps up and comes to the rescue. That’s the case with this dog, left by the side of the road for who knows how long.

She doesn’t even have the strength to move from her makeshift home in the weeds, among the trash, on the side of a highway. The person recording the video shares just how dismal things are for this dog. Her hair is mangled, she doesn’t utter a sound but finds new life when her hero whisks her away in her chariot toward happiness.

The bright orange seats of the car are a sign of brighter things to come for this precious pup. Before she knows it, she’s in her new home, greeted by a couple of scaredy-cats, and she is gifted a delicious meal, which she gobbles right up, straight from a hot pink bowl. All the signs of a bright, bold new life surround her.

She even gets a nice bath, essentially washing away the life she left behind, along with all the dirt she collected from her roadside horror, and even gets a haircut to make her a fresh, new woman (well, dog-woman, but you get the drift). Her owners say her name is now Milou and she’s strong and healthy! Guess that goes to show what a little love, some yummy food, and a relaxing bath can do for a lady!