Boy’s Therapy Dog Needed Pricey Medical Care – So He Sold His Toys To Pay For It

10-year-old Connor Jayne, of Fairport, New York, gets by each day with help from his furry best friend, Copper.

When Connor was younger, he suffered from mysterious fatigue, aches, incontinence, and uninhibited behavior. But medical tests were inconclusive, and no one knew what was going on with him until one day, Copper gave them their answer.

Connor was having a seizure one night, and the Doberman immediately alerted his mom, Jennifer, by barking uncontrollably.

With Copper’s help, doctors were finally able to diagnose Connor with a seizure disorder and got him the help he needed.

But in addition to the seizures, he also suffered from PTSD, ADHD, and chronic headache disorder. Copper is with Connor every waking moment and still alerts Jennifer when Connor is going to have an anxiety attack and pushes against him to relieve his sense of panic.

But now it was Connor’s turn to help Copper, who had begun to develop medical problems, including limping, in December 2017. Doctors thought it may be ‘wobbler syndrome,’ which affects the cervical spine, but the consults and MRI would be very costly.

Without hesitation, Connor decided to hold a garage sale to raise money for the medical costs, and even sold all of his favorite toys!

With help from Connor and generous donations from people all over the country to their GoFundMe, they were able to raise more than $18,000 to help with Copper’s expensive care and treatments.

After many x-rays and close examination, vets believed Copper’s painful limp stemmed from a degenerative tissue disease that has been present since birth.

After taking natural supplements and different medications, and receiving laser therapy, acupuncture and massages, Copper is already doing so much better! He continues to improve every day and barely shows sign of a limp anymore!