Dog Lies Motionless After A Hit& Run, As His Loyal Friend Tries To Wake Him Up

A dog’s loyal and sincere friendship is one of the most constant things in this world. In this heartbreaking video, a harrowing moment is seen at play, as a dog tries to revive his dead friend on the street.

In this video, we see a brown Husky lying motionless on a busy, rainy street in China. The dog was a victim of a hit and run accident, that killed him in an instant. The dead dog’s cream-coated friend is seen hovering over the lifeless body, trying to wake him up.

Our hearts break into a million pieces as we see the dog paw at his friend’s body in attempts to breathe some life into him. He lets out heart-wrenching cries and barks, as he stands guard over his dead friend, not letting anyone come near him.

Soon, a woman, possibly the Mom, comes to the Husky and calls out his name. The cream-coated dog lets only this woman near his friend. Police and other people also gather around the woman, as the woman checks on the dog and realizes that he is gone.

This video has gutted us to the core. Our heart goes out to the grieving dog and the woman. Losing a loved one is one of the saddest things to ever encounter. We hope they find strength in their mournful days.